Translation & Consulting Services

Translation - Intlang Corporate Consulting Pty Ltd (ICC)
Please click here to view information regarding services offered by ICC (PDF).

Consulting Services - ICASIA Marketing and Management Pty Ltd (ICASIA)
Please click here to view information regarding services offered by ICASIA (PDF).

Other Exhibitor Services

Venue Services for Exhibitor's Special Construction Contractor Contact person: Mr. Zhang Yue Tel: +86-22-23360677 Fax: +86-22-88354351 Email: jintailianhe@163.com If you would like to have a specially designed booth, other than the standard panel booth provided by Organizing Committee, you must have your contactor contact the above person before 20 October, otherwise, your contractor is not allowed to set up in the Venue.

Furniture and AV Equipment Rentals 
        Contact Person: Chen Hong Yang Tel: +86 010-5208 6651 ext 8006 Fax: +86 010-51095977 Email: chy_aloxbj@sina.com Download the Furniture Rental Form (.pdf).

Contractor for Booth Construction
CHINA CYTS-LOGAN(TIANJIN)M.I.C.E SERVICE CO., LTD. Contact: Li Wenming, Tel: +86 022-58790803, Mobile: +8613752528987 Email: liwn@cytsmice.com

IBONDEX LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. TIANJIN BRANCH Room-F, 21 Floors TEDA Building, No.256 Jiefangnan Road, Hexi District, Tianjin 300042, China Contact: Allen Tel: (+86-22) 23201968 Fax: (+86-22) 23201983 E-mail: Allen@bondex.com.cn

Meeting Room Rental
During the conference there will be meeting rooms available for exhibitors and delegates to use for meetings. These rooms will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. If you wish to use a meeting room during the conference, please email info@china-mining.org.

Printing Service
For your convenience, printing service will be offered by the China Mining organiser prior to this year's event. The service will be charged. If you need to print any brochures or other advertising, please email China Mining before 10 October on info@china-mining.org. Document Format: PDF High resolution Acrobat PDFs. Resolution: 300dpi. All colours CMYK. All fonts embedded.

Storage Service
In N1 Exhibition Hall, one FREE storage area and one charging storage area have been arranged for exhibitors. The organiser does not take any responsibilities for any loses within the free storage area. The service counter will be located in the lobby of the venue service area of the registration desks.

Free Wifi
The entire event is covered by free WIFI services for all participants.


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