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Who Are We

CHINA MINING, now in its 8th year, is Asia's Premier Mining Congress and Exhibition and the essential networking platform for foreign and domestic players in China's mining industry. The Congress will be held at the Beijing International Convention Center from November 14-16, 2006.

CHINA MINING is hosted by the Ministry of Land & Resources, China, and organized by TBG-CEICO. CHINA MINING cover precious and base metals, coal, iron ore, REE, and other minerals and features presentations by leaders from both the Chinese and foreign mining industry on new developments and investment policies in the Chinese mining industry, new technologies for mineral exploration and processing, mine safety, and investment and financing opportunities.

Vertical Events are the sole Australian Agents for the Congress and Exhibition and is again organising the highly successful pavilion at the Event.

The exhibition at CHINA MINING features Chinese and foreign companies from all areas of the mining industry.

Who Attends

- Analysts
- Bankers
- Brokers
- Consultants
- Equipment companies
- Geoscientists
- Government officials
- Lawyers
- Mining executives
- Mining media
- Prospectors
- Service Providers

Why attend

- To receive updates about China's mining policies
- To meet Chinese and international government officials
- To meet and network with potential clients, suppliers, and business partners
- To find investment opportunities in China and buyers for international projects
- To learn about new technology
- To attend special thematic seminars

China's Mining Industry Overview

China's enormous production and consumer demands are making the nation the world's largest consumer of most minerals and metals. China is rapidly becoming a new center of economic power, greatly influencing the global economy.

China is not only the world's biggest mineral producer, but also a significant consumer and trader. It has already become the world's largest consumer of copper and iron ore, consuming 3.5 million tonnes of copper in 2005 and 620 million tonnes of iron ore in 2004. From Jan-Nov of 2005, China's accumulated import of iron ore reached 284 million tons. Meanwhile, China is the second largest consumer of aluminum and nickel. During 2005, China's apparent consumption of primary aluminum was 6,707,700 tons.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing China in the future will be its own ability to meet the country's demands for mineral resources. In order to meet the country's needs for resources, we will see three major trends emerging from China:

1) A concerted effort among Chinese companies and government organizations to expand and develop the country's geological surveying and extraction techniques in order to boost domestic mineral and metal production.

2) Opening of the mining industry for Sino Foreign JV mining projects, particularly with experienced foreign mining companies.

3) Increasingly more Chinese companies looking to overseas markets to invest in or acquire companies or projects that will help secure China's mineral and metal demands.Over the next five years, we will see a China more focused than ever before on developing strategic cooperation opportunities with the international mining community, both at home and abroad.We believe these trends will drive all aspects of the mining and commodities markets and will mean changes, challenges and opportunities for Chinese and foreign firms.

For further details about the conference please contact Doug Bowie (doug@verticalevents.com.au) on +61 8 9388 2222 or fax back the form below to Vertical Events.

China Mining Information Forms

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For more information or to register as either a delegate or an exhibitor please contact Doug Bowie on +61 8 9388 2222 or email on doug@verticalevents.com.au.